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My message is to balance humans and nature. I combines tree roots and stained glass to create a unique kind of art. I see what the root wants to be. The roots create the design elements.  

pheonix fire sculpture
Back Woods Pickin   3'x4'x3' 

bon fire sculpture
Bohn Fire  2013        58"x30"x17"      

​               479-790-5670
Lonesome George  2012  

Borg Ship Lamp  12"x12"x12"
Northwest Arkansas stained glass artist
Quetzal II 2013    36"x16"x6"    Sold

bird sculpture
Pileated Woodpecker 2016    Mobile 16"x16"x5"      
unique sculpture water dragon sculpture
ship sculpture
swan sculpture
stained glass
borg ship lamp
     "Bohn Voyage"  2015    39"x39"x26"
stained glass sculpture
Water Horse 2015  18"x38"x17" 
Borg Cube 2014 12"x12"x12"

Mushroom Lamp 2015 
  12"x16"x12" sold

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Swan   2011  
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 Nice Kitty

stained glass sculpture, 3D bird, flamingo, fabio, pink bird,
Studio located at  Art Ventures.