Awards:        2023 Third place at the 75th Regional Art Museum art competition.
                     2022 Nominated for Art on the Trails, Allen Co. Kansas City
                     2019  Nominated for best 3D artist for the Black Apple Awards. Fayetteville, AR
                     2017  Best in sculpture at the 23rd National ANA Art competition
                     2015 Honorable mention Chelsea Awards NY, NY.
                     1990 First prize Decatur High School, TX.

TV:                2018 Art mentioned on Good Day NWA.
                     2018 Interview Chamber of Commerce, Fayetteville,AR.
                     2014 Art shown Channel 5 News NWA.
                     2014 Aha Moment, Mutual of Omaha

Write Ups:    2018 Idle Class Magazine
                     2017 Arkansas Made Vol. II Magazine
                     2016 Free Weekly newspaper, Fayetteville AR
                     2015 International Sculpture Magazine
                     2015 Wise Co. Messenger newspaper, Decatur TX
                     2014 Experience Fayetteville Guide magazine
                     2013 The North Texan Magazine, Denton TX
                     2011 Fayetteville Underground Gallery Guide, Fayetteville AR
                     2007 Northwest Arkansas Times newspaper
                     1992 University of North Texas newspaper

Exhibits:       2022 Regional Art Museum Competition "Metamorphosis" Ft. Smith, AR 
                     2022 "Heart Exhibition" Art Ventures and Faulkner Center. Fayetteville, AR.
                     2021 Featured at Art Ventures, Fayetteville, AR
                     2020 Jones Gallery, Kansas City, MO
                     2020 Faulkner Center U of A, Fayetteville, AR
                     2020 Art Ventures, Fayetteville, AR
                     2019 Art on the Boarder, Ft. Smith, AR
                     2019 25th National ANA competition
                     2019 Chamber of Commerce, Fayetteville, AR
                     2019 First National Bank, Bentonville, AR
                     2019 Art Ventures, Fayetteville, AR
                     2018 Art Ventures, Fayetteville, AR
                     2018 Botanical Gardens, Fayetteville, AR
                     2018 Chamber of Commerce, Fayetteville, AR
                     2018 Today's Bank, Fayetteville, AR
                     2017-present  The Butler Center, Little Rock, AR
                     2017 Botanical Gardens, Fayetteville, AR
                     2017 23rd National ANA competition
                     2017 Tulsa Artery, Tulsa, OK
                     2017 Art Ventures, Fayetteville, AR
                     2016 Fayetteville Underground, Fayetteville, AR
                     2016 Bank of Fayetteville,AR
                     2016 Art Ventures, Fayetteville, AR
                     2015 Art Bizarre, Eureka Springs, AR
                     2015 203 W. Walnut, Decatur, TX.
                     2015-2018 Everything Arkansas, Hot Springs, AR

                     2014Creative Community Center, Fayetteville, AR
                     2014 A. ST. gallery, Bentonville, AR
                     2014 Artfields competition, SC
                     2013 Fayetteville Town Center
                     2013 19th annual ANA competition
                     2012 Art Exchange, Springdale, AR
                     2011 e. st gallery, Fayetteville, AR
                     2008 Burning Man, NV
                     2008 Art Expo, NY, NY
                     2008 e. st. gallery, Fayetteville, AR
                     2007 Myoptic Books, Chicagi, IL
                     2007 Art Expo, Las Vegas, NV
                     2007 e. st. gallery, Fayetteville, AR
                     2007 Arsaga's, Fayetteville, AR
                     2006 12th annual Annual ANA competitiojn
                     2005 Iris gallery, Fayetteville, AR
                     2005-present Terra Studios, Durham, AR
                     2004 10th annual ANA competition
                     1998 Voertman's annual competition, Denton, TX
                     1994 Annual University of North Texas art competition

Education and classes:

                      2018-present private lessons available
                      2018 Pendant class at Eureka Springs School of the Arts, AR
                      2017 Design your own jewelry, Terra Studios, Durham, AR
                      2016-present Gallery Assistant at Art Ventures
                      2014 Mosaic class at Creative Community Center, Fayetteville, AR
                      2014 Stained glass workshop for Art Teachers, Springdale, AR
                      2014 Stained glass workshop for cancer victims, Creative Community Center
                      2013 Selection committee Fayetteville Underground
                      2012 Head of exhibition committee Fayetteville Underground
                      2012-2019 Studio at Fayetteville Underground
                      2006-present Certified Art Teacher K-12
                      2003 Graduated from the University of North Texas

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