2019                       Two pieces exhibited at the 25th National ANA art competition.
2019                       Exhibit at the Chamber of Commerce, Fayetteville, Ar                                            2019Jan-March     Exhibit at The First National Bank, Bentonville, AR
2018                      Art mentioned on Good day NWA.
2018 Aug               Featured artist at Art Ventures.
2018 June             Botanical Garden exhibit.
2018 June             Teach pendant class at Eureka Springs School of the Arts.
2018                      Interview and display at Chamber of Commerce Fayetteville, AR.
2018                      Write up in Idle Class Magazine.
2018                      Exhibited at Today's Bank.
2017                       "Best in sculpture" award at the 23rd Artists of Northwest Arkansas award show.
2017                      Permanent exhibit at The Butler Center Gallery , Little Rock. 
2017 Dec.              Exhibit at Botanical gardens. Fayetteville, AR.        
2017                       Artists of Northwest Arkansas Competition.
2017 Sept.             Design your own jewelry. Terra Studios
2017 Aug.              Exhibit at The Botanical Gardens. Fayetteville, AR.
2017 Feb.              Exhibit at the Tulsa Artery "flight" show.
2016-2017             Write up in Arkansas Made Vol. II.
2016 Oct.               Write up in the FreeWeekly newspaper.
2016 Oct.               Feature artist at the Fayetteville Underground."Predator and Prey".
2016 Oct.               Feature artist at The Bank of Fayetteville.
2015 Dec.              Image in "International sculpture Center" magazine.
2015 Nov.              Art Bizaare' Eureka Springs, AR.
2015                      Exhibit at 203 Walnut Place, Decatur, TX.
2015                      Honorable mention "Chelsea Awards" N.Y.
2015                      Artist at  International Sculpture Center.
2015                      Member of Arkansas Arts Center.
2015 -2018                     Art at "Everything Arkansas" Hot Springs, AR.
2014.                     Art seen on channel 5 news.
2014                      International sale.
​2014                      Featured in the Experience Fayetteville guide for Fayetteville, AR.
2014 Oct               Show at the Community Creative Center CCC. Fayetteville, AR.
2014                      Long term substitute art teacher. West Fork, AR.
2014                      Donation to Fayetteville Woman's Shelter auction.
2014                      Sci Fi show  at the Underground. Fayetteville, AR.
2014                      Instructor for mosaic class at the CCC Fayetteville, AR.
2014                      Instructor for stained glass workshop for Springdale teachers.
2014                      Workshop for cancer support group for stained glass. CCC Fayetteville, AR.
2014                      Interview for an Aha Moment with the Mutual of Omaha.
2014-2015            A st. gallery Bentonville, AR.
2014                     Exhibit at Artfields competition, SC.
2013                     On the selection committee at the Fayetteville Underground.
2013 Fall               Write up in The North Texan Magazine.
2013 Sept.            Show at the Fayetteville Town Center.
2013 Aug.             Two pieces featured in the Art Center of the Ozarks 19th Annual competition.
2013                     Featured in the Fayetteville Insiders quide.
2013                     Interviewed for "American Craft Magazine".
2012 -2013           Head of the exhibition committee for the New Fayetteville Underground. 
2012 August         Show at the Fayetteville Town Center, AR
2012-2017            Studio at the Fayetteville Underground.Voted best art gallery in NW Arkansas                                     from 2013-2015
2012-present        Art Exchange Gallery- Springdale, AR 501-253-0928
2011                     Long term Art teacher substitute for Leverett Elementary. Fayetteville, AR.
2011 May              Interviewed on NPR "Ozarks at Large" about feature show at the Fayetteville    
                            Underground. AR          
2011 May             Feature Artist at e street gallery-Fayetteville Underground.
2011                     Published in "Fayetteville Underground Gallery Guide".
2010-present        Featured at the Fayetteville Underground.
2010 November   Featured artist at e street gallery- Fayetteville Underground.
2008                     Burning Man Exhibit- "Chakra series". Nevada
2008                     Exhibit at Art Expo- New York.
2007-2008            Long term substitute art teacher. St. Paul, AR.
2007-2017            Substitute teacher. Fayetteville, AR.
2007                     Myopic Books- Chicago.
2007                     Exhibit at Art Expo- Las Vegas.
2007                    One man show Arsaga's, Fayetteville. Write up in the Northwest Arkansas                                          Times.
2006                    Teacher certification in Art for Arkansas.
2006                    Exhibit at Northwest Arkansas compeitition.
2005                    Exhibit at Iris gallery. Fayetteville, AR.
2005-present       Exhibit at Terra Studio's Durham,AR.
2004                    Exhibit at the Tenth Annual Artists of Northwest Arkansas.
2003                    Graduated from The University of North Texas.
1998                    Exhibit at the Voetman's annual competition.
1994                    Exhibit at the Annual University of North Texas Art Show competition.
1992                    Write up in UNT paper.

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